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Lenovo G550 with Windows 7 – windows update cannot currently search for updates

It is really a joke that even today still happen such errors. A customer brought me a Lenovo G550, where the hard drive was defective and had to be replaced. So far, so good, I was able to save the data. I built a new hard drive (currently expensive affair, ostensibly because of the flood […]

How To Keep Visitors Coming Back To Your Site

Getting website visitors to your internet site is challenging in itself. To get more visitors principle, you must optimize the site for search engines. In Germany there are some good suchmaschinenoptimierung agentur that are very successful.

Pocket money: How children learn to deal with the €

Pocket money is always an issue – both for children and also to the parents. How much should a child get at what age? And how it should best learn to deal with the money? Here are a few good tips. Whether trading cards, comics and chocolate – from their pocket money, children can meet […]

How Mastering Search Engine Optimization Can Improve Your Business

How Mastering Search Engine Optimization Can Improve Your Business If you have a website, you are sure to have heard of the importance of high search engine rankings. You are probably wondering exactly how to get them and how they will add to your success. Follow these guidelines to discover new approaches for improving your […]

Malware on your own website – An important tool for webmasters from Google

Meanwhile, it happens more often that for an infection of a Windows machine you don’t have to run a file or confirmation of an installation in a web browser (player, etc.), but just by the simple browsing a Web page it can happen. Become a classic in this context, the Federal Police virus that requires […]

Sony Vaio Notebooks, and the message

Once again a specialty of the Sony Vaio. I am very satisfied with my Vaio, it runs really good every day 8-10 hours and makes no funny business. But Vaios have as their peculiarities, as I recently had to re-establish a new customer’s laptop. The laptop had to be reinstalled with Windows 7 and that […]

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