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UC reaching out to depressed students online

The anonymous online conversation began after the student revealed that he planned to kill himself. “What should I do?” the sophomore asked a counselor at his Midwest college. “I figure you will probably tell me that killing myself is not a good idea, and I know that. But it does seem like a good option […]

Unitek Education Delivers Cutting-Edge Cisco CCNA Training to IT Professionals

FREMONT, CA — Unitek Education, a leader in the IT training industry, has received accolades from the network student community for its excellence in delivering world class Cisco CCNA training certification programs. As the IT industry moves forward and continues to advance, a strong background in Cisco CCNA certifications has not only ensured a major […]

UC Berkeley to offer free online classes through edX

UC Berkeley announced Tuesday that it is joining the new online education website founded by Harvard and MIT that offers free, not-for-credit courses to a worldwide audience. The addition of UC Berkeley will give edX its first expansion into a prestigious public university and a foothold on the West Coast away from its Cambridge, Mass., […]

Letters: Building a better education system

Re “Teaching, and testing, smarter,” Opinion, Aug. 3 Arthur Levine compares testing students once a year to having a car GPS update its position once an hour instead of constantly. In the GPS part, he forgets the driver and assumes he ignores road and street signs. In the student part, he forgets the teacher, assuming […]

Is Marissa Mayer doing parents any favors?

Though Marissa Mayer, the pregnant 37-year-old executive newly named CEO of Yahoo, became an instant pioneer to many working women this week, she has also come under attack in some quarters for saying she plans to take barely a wisp of maternity leave. She told Fortune soon after she revealed publicly that she is due […]

Olde Towne Pet Resort and Northern Virginia Magazine Partner to Celebrate the Area’s Cutest Dogs!

PRNewswire/ — Northern Virginia Magazine, a magazine known for its tireless dedication to its community, has been looking for the cutest dog in Northern Virginia as part of its annual Dog Days of Summer and WagFest 2012 event. This exciting and local pet-focused event — which is presently scheduled for Saturday, August 11, 2012 from 10 […]

Cross-Cultural Sharing With Food: Liège Waffles

One of the wonderful things about traveling is trying food from other cultures. Oftentimes this food is similar to what we’re used to at home, but just slightly different due to preparation, ingredients, or other regional reasons. Today I’d like to introduce you to the Liège waffle. This Belgian waffle isn’t what we think of […]

Free E-Book Helps College Students Choose a Writing Style for Their Dissertation

BETHUNE, SC — ( has published a free e-book, entitled, “Writing Styles for College Students” to help college and university students learn how to master the three most popular (and sometimes troublesome) writing styles — APA Style, Chicago (Turabian) Style and MLA Style.

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