Design Your Own Pillow With Inmod’s Brand New Pillow Design Studio

EAST RUTHERFORD, NJ — Inmod (, a division of Evo Furniture LLC and a leading provider of contemporary and modern furniture, is pleased to introduce its exclusive Pillow Design Studio. Via a one-of-a-kind interactive application, visitors to Inmod can design single pillow or create entire pillow collections for their homes. is the only website to offer custom pillow design, continuing to give its customers more control over design, as demand for personalization continues to grow. Inmod continues to address this trend with the addition of pillows to its Design Studio, giving more and more control to its customers who continue to both ask for and embrace it. 

Inmod’s Design Studio is the only application of its kind, as it enables the creation of completely customizable pillows. Through the Design Studio, Inmod is able to offer countless design combinations and something to meet the style and preferences of each user. Each visitor transforms from consumer to designer, with complete control over the design of an entire pillow collection from the convenience of his or her computer. Users start by choosing from dozens of designs, and continue by selecting a premium fabric, size, and the embroidery color for each element of the design. 

Inmod’s Pillow Design Studio is an online flash application that operates via Inmod’s website (no registration or downloading required) in an easy-to-follow, step-by-step format. Each pillow takes only seconds to design, though this fun-to-use application makes it easy keep designing for hours. Visitors who want something unique but don’t want to design pillows themselves can utilize the Design Shuffle feature that generates a design combination completely at random. While users may design a single pillow, Inmod’s selection is robust enough to enable the creation of entire collections for complete home design. Collections can be added to the cart for purchase or saved and re-accessed at a later date. Custom pillows join design-your-own bedding, fiberglass ball chairs, and stereo egg chairs in Inmod’s exclusive Design Studio. 

About Inmod
Inmod, a division of Evo Furniture LLC and leading provider of modern and contemporary furniture and décor, was founded in 2003 out of a passion for great design and a vision to offer it at prices truly within reach. Quickly becoming one of the top ten trafficked sites for modern furniture, Inmod offers popular brands in addition to manufacturing its own products that include custom bedding, custom fiberglass ball chairs, and custom stereo egg chairs. Recognized as a leader in mid-century reproductions, Inmod offers products with unparalleled accuracy and quality. Based in New Jersey, Inmod caters to both home and contract markets, with a diverse client base that includes Google, Guess, NBC News, Nintendo, Sony, and the Palms Hotel & Casino. Images & Information Please use this link to access the Pillow Design Studio:


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