FairWinds Takes on New Internet Business Model with New gTLD Strategy Services

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WASHINGTON, June 13, 2012 /PRNewswire/ — FairWinds Partners, the leading global domain name strategy consultancy and the largest provider of new gTLD application services to strategic brands, announced a comprehensive suite of New gTLD Strategy services today. FairWinds prepared 135 applications for 51 blue-chip clients, including Abbott, American Express, CBS, Comcast, Eli Lilly, L’Oreal, and Xerox, supporting companies from the initial conceptualization phase through use case development and the preparation and submission of their applications. This work, coupled with years of advising the world’s leading brands on digital marketing, brand protection, and ICANN issues, makes FairWinds the ideal partner to advise brands on all new issues that will emerge in the new gTLD landscape.

“These services complement our proven expertise and years of experience providing brand owners with the best strategic and objective advice on how to build the best digital strategies through the ownership and use of domain names,” remarked FairWinds Managing Partner Josh Bourne. “We even chose to invest alongside our clients by applying for .FAIRWINDS. These services are a natural extension of that tradition, and will allow us to continue helping brands build the best digital strategies.”

Today is a historic day for the Internet as the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) published the list of 1,930 new gTLD applications. Global companies submitted over 670 applications for their brand names as gTLDs, as well additional applications for generic and category terms – comprising over 35 percent of all applications. These new gTLDs will reshape the way companies conduct business online and even the Internet itself. As brands prepare to move into this next phase of the Internet’s evolution, they must prepare their strategies for the next phase of the new gTLD process.

Leveraging its own knowledge as well as its extensive connections with ICANN and public policy experts, FairWinds’ New gTLD Strategy services will include business strategy development and execution, public policy advocacy, ICANN advocacy, corporate positioning and brand messaging development, and corporate communications.

FairWinds is pleased to announce that Nao Matsukata will head these new services. “We’re very excited to have Nao, who has over 20 years of global public policy experience counseling senior government officials and multinational corporations and has been a member of FairWinds’ broader team since our inception, lead this practice,” commented Phil Lodico, FairWinds Managing Partner. “All businesses are going to face new challenges and opportunities and we are the best partner to help brands take them on.”

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