Glass Distillery Launches Glass Vodka, Opens SODO Tasting Room


SEATTLE, June 8, 2012 /PRNewswire/ — Glass Distillery, Seattle‘s newest distiller of premium spirits today announced the launch of its flagship spirit, Glass Vodka, in conjunction with the opening of its tasting room in Seattle‘s SODO district. An elegantly crafted vodka made from grapes grown in the rich soils of the Pacific Northwest and distilled through a state-of-the-art 17.5-foot tall copper still manufactured in Germany, Glass Vodka offers an uncompromising and smooth taste with a complex, slightly sweet and pleasantly cool finish that hints at the grapes from which it is derived. Customers can be some of the first to sample Glass Vodka at the new Glass Distillery Tasting Room, located at 1712 1st Avenue South in Seattle.

Glass Distillery is the creation of Ian G. J. MacNeil and Adrian Higginbotham, who joined forces early last year with the goal of producing a vodka that is pure, smooth, and artfully crafted – just like the works of art by local glass artisans that inspired the company’s name.

Likewise, since the Pacific Northwest is home to one of the best winemaking regions in the world, it seemed only natural to create vodka distilled from the grapes that are harvested from its rich soils. From the outset, it was important to Ian and Adrian to support local wineries with their distillery and, as a result, Glass Distillery will become one of the larger purchasers of wine in Washington State. The company’s wine-based roots also can be seen in the brand’s unique decanter-style bottle design.

“We believe there’s a huge market for a premium, grape-based vodka both here in Washington and across the country,” said MacNeil. “Many people who drink vodka often experience that familiar ‘burn’ unless it’s served as a mixed drink. We designed Glass Vodka to be elegant yet approachable and easy to drink on its own, as well as being an anchor spirit to a favorite cocktail.”

Savored by spirits aficionados and everyday drinkers alike, Glass Vodka’s tasting notes are prominent to connoisseurs and pleasantly unexpected to the casual consumer. Either way, after one sip it becomes apparent that Glass Vodka is a drink artfully made with passion, irreverence, and an appreciation for beauty.

Equally beautiful is the distillery’s new tasting room, which opens to the public next Monday, June 11, following this weekend’s invitation-only launch celebration.

Working in close collaboration with MacNeil, lead architect on the project, Kate Cudney of Hinge Studio, took his vision of wanting to blend the building’s industrial roots (it was built in 1920) with MacNeil’s involvement and appreciation of the Seattle glass art industry from which the distillery is named. Kate was able to accomplish this by repurposing much of the original wood from the building into custom built doors, wall finishes and various pieces of furniture that are spaced throughout the tasting room. Other metal and leather interior elements, along with a polished concrete and sparkling glass embedded floor marry the artistic vibe with the natural industrial aesthetic of the space.

Through a 16-foot tall wood and glass door that was part of the original building visitors can also get a view of the 600-liter copper still in action. On warm spring and summer days, individuals and groups alike can sit out on the front patio that is accessible when the tasting room rolls up its garage-door style doors and enjoy a wonderful setting in which to take in the Glass Vodka experience.

About Glass Distillery

Glass Distillery, founded in 2011, is a craft distillery based in Seattle, Washington that is dedicated to producing the very best grape-based vodka, using only the finest in Washington wine. The distillery is home to a 17.5-foot hand-made copper still imported from Germany that is capable of producing the finest spirits.  Its flagship product, Glass Vodka, is 80 proof/40% ABV and can be purchased at the distillery, in many retail outlets and found behind the bar at the city’s finest establishments.

SOURCE Glass Distillery

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