Lenovo G550 with Windows 7 – windows update cannot currently search for updates

It is really a joke that even today still happen such errors. A customer brought me a Lenovo G550, where the hard drive was defective and had to be replaced. So far, so good, I was able to save the data. I built a new hard drive (currently expensive affair, ostensibly because of the flood in Thailand, where many hard disk manufacturers), and installed Windows 7 with an original CD Windows 7. Then the drivers were installed and then I started the WinFuture update pack, so I have not downloaded all the updates separately. It truly is a lot more stress-free, because it’s helps save a lot of time as well as the customers will receive their own computer units quicker from their neighborhood pc computer service

Even here, I noticed that shortly after the start of the update packs this was completed again without displaying an error message. It usually takes a 30 – 45 minutes, a behavior I had not before. Well, after you install a virus protection I connected the computer to the Internet and wanted to run Windows Update. As soon as I have “check for updates” is clicked, the message came

“With Windows Update cannot currently be checking for updates, because the service is not running. You may need to restart your computer “

A restart of course brings nothing, and the necessary services were all that was not the cause, so I googled and there you will find stuff, but there was about NVidia chipsets, especially in Medion computers, which prevent running Windows Update. Initially I was puzzled and looked at each device. On the Internet there was not a single note, and I was getting desperate. Then I remembered that I already could eliminate as many mistakes as I undertook the chipset settings.

The Lenovo laptop has an Intel chipset, however, and I have found nothing. After trying every fix tools, and none has worked, I found out that the Intel chipset may have caused this problem. I opened the Device Manager and then made the following:

You open the item IDE ATA / ATAPI controllers, going to the appropriate controller and click “to” Roll Back Driver “

Then you will be asked if you want to install the previous driver, the one confirmed and one has then the default Microsoft driver. While this has the effect of a small performance loss, but another possibility does not exist. I do not even need to restart Windows Update worked at once.

The article author is an Computer system expert in Germany and he has every day a connection with the problems belonging to the users. To read more, navigate to the site: http://www.mein-pc-wieder-ok.de/faq.html

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