Pocket money: How children learn to deal with the €

Pocket money is always an issue – both for children and also to the parents. How much should a child get at what age? And how it should best learn to deal with the money? Here are a few good tips.

Whether trading cards, comics and chocolate – from their pocket money, children can meet small personal needs out of turn. And these desires are so different, so different is the behavior in terms of spending money. Some are always short of money, the others share their best one euro. But for all of the following applies: The allowance can be for the future financial life is an important lesson.

Values to estimate
Is a toy car more expensive than a bag of gummy bears? How many scoops of ice cream I can buy for my weekly ration of Euros? By weighing and buy the child gets a feel for what cheap and expensive, and much less what is – and get to know the value of money. In addition, it must constantly make choices. What I’m doing to me? Does an acquisition really make sense? Where: Those who divides the money is not right, it has not issued quickly. Good organization is therefore required. And that is to learn, even for a teenager is not always easy. “Those who learn at an early age learned to use the money comes from, and usually better cope with it later”, concludes the DVAG-financial experts.

No pocket money withdrawal
To enable children an optimal learning experience through their pocket money, parents should observe some basic rules. Most importantly the payment should always be made, whether the youth was like or disobedient. Pocket money withdrawal is not an appropriate punishment. In addition, mother and father to pay the Euros always on time and regularly to plan the child. If the offspring and broke his fast after extra-euro ask, do not automatically fall into the pocket. Better talk to the child why it was low tide in your wallet and how it can avoid this in future.

Monthly Payment Date at least ten years
How many children and young people get from their parents depends firstly on course of their income. For example, father or mother is unemployed, has to back off temporarily in some cases the offspring. Furthermore, it matters how old the child is and what it needs money from the contest. DVAG advised to hand over children between four and nine years, the weekly Euro, from the tenth anniversary of the offspring should then be on a monthly payday.

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