Sony Vaio Notebooks, and the message

Once again a specialty of the Sony Vaio. I am very satisfied with my Vaio, it runs really good every day 8-10 hours and makes no funny business. But Vaios have as their peculiarities, as I recently had to re-establish a new customer’s laptop. The laptop had to be reinstalled with Windows 7 and that was only possible from an original Windows 7 DVD, because, for whatever reason, the recovery partition was deleted, with which one can re-enable Windows without the DVD in the initial state. The trouble began with looking at the drivers.

The model number of the laptop was VPCYB3V1E. But on Sony’s website there was only the choice between VPCYB3V1E / G, VPCYB3V1E / S and VPCYB3V1E / P. The models are all equipped with the basic structure of the same components, the wide variety of equipment. Well, the drivers were installed, all without hesitation, but at the particular installation of the software for the special keys or Fn keys that exist in Vaios, the trouble began.

Sony has made it so thanks be to God, to facilitate these installations. Previously you had to a strictly prescribed order the various packages installed, including for example:

First: Install drivers
Second Install Sony Utils.dll
Third Install Sony Shared Library
4th: Install Sony Video Shared Library, Setting Utility Series, VAIO Event Service, VAIO Control Center, VAIO Action Setup, VAIO Power Management, Battery Checker, AV Mode button AppMon, Instant Mode, VAIO Camera Utility Wireless Switch Setting

Now that’s solved. You have to install the shared library first and then install a new installation package called Vaio notebook utilities. In this package there are all the other necessary programs that are automatically installed in the correct order. The setup file for the notebook utilities for all three types mentioned above is the same. After double click and two clicks on “next” a message appears: “This update is intended only for not use with your computer model” message.

After some research I learned that the driver installation model.txt in the Windows directory is created in which the type of model has been registered. In this case in the model.txt was following:

Model = “VPCYB3V1E”

So exactly this number stood on the bottom of the laptop. It was just unfortunately no downloads for this model. Okay, I have several versions with different model names and the model.txt created in each successively copied into the Windows directory. No variation has to work, while you still have to mention that the file must be changed twice, because even when you start installing the program again the original model name (in this case, again VPCYB3V1E) appears. It did not help, that shit message came again and again. A forum post brought me on the right track: The exe file that you download with Sony, is a self-extracting compressed file. With appropriate software, you can unzip this file to have the individual setup files. This was the solution, with the Universal Extractor you can extract the exe and have the individual programs, such as Battery Checker VAIO Event Service and with the appropriate setup file and in this type of installation, the model is not queried.

The whole thing is true not only for the special programs from Sony, but also for driver packages that cannot install otherwise.

The author repairs Laptops and Desktop-PC’s and has a lot of experience with different computer models.

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