Training tips for happy children

Raising children is no easy matter. Each child makes different demands on his parents. As always respond correctly is a challenge. In addition, parents must watch their children constantly and meet many landmark decisions: Is my child’s behavior normal? Which kindergarten is the right one? And to what school to go there again?
After all, there are a few general principles that contribute to the wellbeing of your child and thus promote an informal development. We’ll tell you how to create an optimal environment for the development of your child.
Child Care: How to make the right choice
Whether kindergarten or school: The decision is not easy for many parents. Too many educational models are available now. The framework will also be formed by directions, times and support their own employment. But in spite of all the conditions at the end of every parent wants only one thing: the best for your child.
Children and school: problems recognize
Whether computing, writing or reading disabilities, hyperactivity, or giftedness: Children often have a hard road behind him, to teachers or parents notice that something is wrong. That is not necessarily a lack of attention. Rather, it is difficult to know whether a child behaves petulantly, is determined by life circumstances (divorce or separation) in spite of a phase, or indeed a problem that has nothing necessarily to do with their own education. Find out how you can identify these problems.
Sexuality: educate children properly
“Where do babies come from, Mommy?” The answer to this question, depending upon age, but their children the story of the stork would serve up, not sure of date. But how does this matter to be age appropriate? We have advice on education and sexuality.
Encourage and challenge children’s right
Children need not only here and there a little tip to get ahead. Parents are grateful for some additional information when it comes to promoting a child properly. This applies not only to help with homework, but also for sports, nutrition and recreational activities.

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